Street Fighter x Tekken Update Finally Hitting PC

By DavieMarshall, 5 years ago
A few months back, Street Fighter X Tekken received a title update on the Xbox 360 to bring the version number to 1.08 as many bugs were squashed and tweaks introduced. Today we're here to let you know that PC gamers are set to catch up to console owners as of tomorrow when the long awaited patch finally reaches PC gamers worldwide.

When the update arrived on console back in January, we covered the sizeable and numerous changes in a series of trailer laden articles. If you'd like a refresher course, you can find the first of the eight articles here and check out the rest through the related content on the right-hand side of the article view.

The chances are however, if you have been carefully monitoring for any sighting of this hitting your PC, you'll know exactly what is set to change when you hit the download button. Currently there's no precise time that we know of, just that the update also known as 'ver. 2013' is expected to become available tomorrow.

Excited to finally get to grips with the alterations? Let us know when you see the update start appearing for you in the comments below.