Wordament Leaderboards Overhauled

By litepink,
Wordment has received 11 new leaderboard categories across all platforms, and soon one of the more difficult achievements in the game will become much easier to obtain.

Wordament (WP)World champThe World champ achievement in Wordament (WP) worth 38 pointsBecome Champ by placing in the top 250 players in any of the "Top Player" leaderboards.

To commemorate the start of Competition Year 3, Wordament has introduced new leaderboards for all languages. Currently there's just two leaderboards in which to obtain "World Champ".

Total score (all time)

Average score (all time)
The new categories to track and compare are the following:

Total score (today)

Total score (this week)

Total score (this month)

Total score (this year)

Average score (this week)

Average score (this month)

Average score (this year)

High score (this month)

High score (this year)

Most words (this month)

Most words (this year)
If you manage to get in the Top 250 in any of these categories, in any language, you'll be awarded with the "World Champ" achievement.

The wording for the “World Champ Achievement” has always been pretty vague: Score in the top 250 places in any of the Top Player’s leaderboards. As of right now, the World Champ achievement will only unlock on the two “all time” leaderboards, but by the end of this week (Friday 4/26), we will begin unlocking the World Champ achievement to the top 250 in all categories, with one minor, but important detail: in the Week, Month, and Year leaderboards, a full 24 hours must elapse from each “reset”. That way, there is a bit of an achievement rush at the first of each week, month, and year, but it takes 24 hours of competition before it will trigger.
There's a few stipulations for the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards, but they're nowhere near as time consuming as the all-time requirements. You can find out more about the new leaderboards on the official Wordament website. Wordament is available for free on Windows Phone, iOS devices, Windows 8, and xbox.com.

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