Achievement Preview Spotlight: FC3 Blood Dragon

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
As a child of the 80's, few things excite me more than taking a more mature look back at the decade from which I spawned (see: my love of Heart). With that being said, most gamers of my generation are waiting on pins and needles for Ubisoft's homage to all things 80's, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. What was initially thought as an April Fool's joke is now a week from release. The question that is on every gamer's mind, though, is, "Will these achievements give me a case of high-pressure nervous syndrome?"

Fortunately, we've got you covered with this week's Achievement Preview Spotlight.


The great news, for starters, is that Blood Dragon is in line with most recent XBLA games and boasts a base score of 400G, meaning that you'll be getting some serious achievement bang for your buck. Furthermore, only three of the nineteen achievements are "Secret", so there's very little chance of being taken by serious surprise from the achievement list. With those two points out of the way, let's dive in and take a look at the goodness.

The first achievement immediately gets some recognition for being named after one of the most bad-good movies of the 80's.

Running man in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
After saving Darling, enter Combat Mode with a Dragon and Return to Stealth

If you've never seen Arnold's 1987 "classic", The Running Man, may I urge you to do so on either Netflix or HBO Go. It's 101 minutes of Arnold spouting cheesy catchphrases, and guys running around in ridiculous costumes.

Oh... and the achievement looks pretty good here, too.

The next achievement is full of some excellent double entendre.

Just the Tip in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
Kill a Dragon with the Bow

This isn't Skyrim, so I would imagine that killing a Dragon with the bow is going to be a little more difficult than you might imagine. If you're ever feeling down on it, though, let the mantra of Sterling Archer guide you (slightly NSFW).

The 80's gave us some of the greatest advances in entertainment technology ever. I would venture that a good majority of younger gamers will have no idea what the collectibles referred to in the next achievement are, though.

The Greatest Format of all Time in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
Find all VHS Tapes

I know we all have a love-hate relationship with collectible-based achievements, but at least this one is full of 80s excellence, right?

The following achievement is the yang to the previous one's yin.

What are You Reading For? in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
Find all of Dr. Carlyle's Notes

"Television and video games will rot your brain!" ~Everyone's mother.

I can already feel you groaning. Yes, this game has multiple, collectible-based achievements. Let's just hope the notes of Dr. Carlyle are at least entertaining and meaningful to the game.

The next achievement may not end up being Blood Dragon's ratio champion, but it's going to be a high-scorer and earns more props for another pop culture reference.

Hail to the King in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
Reach Maximum Level and Become the Ultimate Badass

While Army of Darkness might not have come out until 1992, I'm going to godfather this reference into Blood Dragon since the apex of Michael Biehn's career went from 1984 (The Terminator) to 1993 (Tombstone).

As far as the achievement goes, "Reach(ing) Maximum Level and (Becoming) the Ultimate Badass" could take a bit of time depending on how generous the leveling system in Blood Dragon shakes out. While this might not be the toughest or highest-scoring achievement in the game (one "Secret" Achievement is worth 50G), it definitely is the king of the available list.

The best news of all is that (barring any glitched achievements or issues with the "Secrets") there is nothing that should scare off completionists from giving Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon a shot when it drops on the Xbox LIVE Arcade next Wednesday, May 1st.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the front page for our official review when it also hits next week!

If there's an upcoming game or DLC pack that you'd like to see featured in the Achievement Preview Spotlight, be sure to let us know in the comments!
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