Xbox UK Introduces The Ultimate Collection

By DavieMarshall, 5 years ago
Xbox UK have unveiled a new initiative on Xbox LIVE Arcade which they are dubbing the 'Ultimate Collection'. The premise here is a little wooly and appears to be limited to the UK, at least at the moment. At its core, it's an effort towards compiling a list of the greatest XBLA titles from a predetermined shortlist of thirty as chosen by Microsoft. So, whilst it's probably not going to be a definitive list and is likely influenced as much by advertising revenue as it is downloads or ratings, it should still surface some good (if not predictable) titles.

Here's the official word:

Announcing The Ultimate Collection - our pick of the 30 most popular games on XBLA. Vote fortnightly for a new game to join the collection - the winning title will get 50% off for a week!
A launch trailer fails to expand things much further, but it does have a rather dramatic soundtrack:

If this fails to clear things up, perhaps a convoluted Ultimate Collection island, complete with themed zones, will help? No, I thought not.

It's also somewhat unclear how many 'battles' there will be between titles, but the first match up is available to vote on now. You can choose between either Zuma's Revenge! or Bejeweled 3.

Ultimate Collection

I think the key thing to take away here is that the winner of the weekly match-ups will earn a 50% discount on the XBLA Marketplace. Without getting bogged down in the sideshows that are 'the island' or hyperbole laden trailer it might be worth keeping an eye out for any XBLA classics which may have slipped through your net previously but could become available at an impressive discount.