Sonic 4 Footage Leaked

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
For a while, Sega have teased about details of Sonic 4. First it was called the mysterious 'Project Needlemouse' and then they kept gamers guessing which characters it would feature. They recently released actual gamepley footage showing gamers what to expect from the new game.

However, Sega may not of been planning on the video which made its way onto YouTube on Friday. YouTube user SuperBlizHedgehogRev's video shows lots of new footage, including the previously unheard of Mad Gear Zone.

YouTube has now removed the video, but one gaming web site is still daring to show the footage. Take a look while you can:[update]

This footage is not from an 'official' Sega source, so to keep up with all the Sonic 4 information until its release later this year, visit: