Current TA Ratio Problem

By Rich Stone, 5 years ago
Hi all

As you have probably noticed, the TA Ratio for every achievement has been reset to 1.0.

This was a bug I inadvertently introduced yesterday when I increased the size of the Game Name field (I know, right?).

I'm re-running the site calculation routines now and the scores should be back to normal within 4 hours from now (unfortunately that's how long it takes to crunch the numbers).

I've paused the scanners in the mean time so as not to trigger any incorrect milestones (I'll remove any that have triggered as a result of this).

I'll post an update on here as soon as the scores are back to normal.

Apologies for this one, it was a bit of an unforeseen one!

Edit I have taken this opportunity to create a scanner info system. When you request a scan, you will receive a notice on the page you are on to say you have been pushed to the queue. If the scanners are currently paused, you will receive a warning and a link to the scanner page where you will be able to see more info on why they are paused.


P.S. Who remembers when I used to do drunken late night site coding and stuff like this would happen on a regular basis? laugh

Update I've unpaused the scanners now, there will be a small backlog. The achievements and games are all fixed, and the final gamers' scores should be fixed within 30 mins.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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