Lost Planet 3 Artwork & Screens Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Capcom set March off with a good start after announcing the release date and pre-order bonuses for their upcoming third-person shooter, and third instalment in their series; Lost Planet 3. Earlier this month, trailers were released for the pre-order bonuses, but with these videos came the news of the game being delayed.

With fans having to wait until August to check Lost Planet 3 out, a ton of media has been released in the form of artwork, screens, and a new multiplayer gameplay trailer. Let's start with a few pieces of artwork as we get a good look at the NEVEC chief, Phil Braddock, the NEVEC's Rig technician, Sam Gale, and Renard LaRoche, a French rival contractor to the game's main protagonist Jim Peyton:

Phil Braddock

26/4/13 - Artwork 01

Sam Gale

26/4/13 - Artwork 2

Renard LaRoche

26/4/13 - Artwork 3

The Akrid will be the nastiness of Lost Planet 3 that look to end any jobs your character will be going on. The Akrid can come in swarms of little to medium-sized nightmares, or even as just one enormous boss-style Akrid where the player will really have their work cut out for them as they try to work away at separate parts of the Akrid's body. In these pieces of artwork, we have the 'Dongo', a 'Sepia', and a 'Pack Hunter', each with their unique shape and style:


26/4/13 - Artwork 4


26/4/13 - Artwork 6

Pack Hunter

26/4/13 - Artwork 5

As Jim goes about trying to gather T-ENG, the much needed energy resource of planet E.D.N. III, he will come across the danger of being slaughtered by the Akrid, and the dangers that mother nature will bring thanks to the cold, harsh snow which can serve as a hiding place for Akrid. Many dangers might also lay underneath the snow, such as traps or unstable ground. In this final pieces of artwork, a couple of solidly-built rigs look set to make life easier for their drivers. On the downside of rig-driving though, we see what doesn't look like a very happy situation for Jim as his Rig's glass is smashed and it appears that the Akrid gripping his Rig is about to score an easy meal!

26/4/13 - Artwork 7

26/4/13 - Artwork 8

24/6/13 - Artwork 9

The campaign gameplay screens showcase more of Jim in action as he makes his way through cold, scary and tight tunnels, to the wide open, dark and huge outside areas of the planet where you can see the sharp rock structures stabbing the star-filled skies covered by the miserable grey clouds.

26/4/13 - Campaign Screens 01

26/4/13 - Campaign Screens 2

26/4/13 - Campaign Screens 3

26/4/13 - Campaign Screens 4

26/4/13 - Campaign Screens 5

26/4/13 - Campaign Screens 6

26/4/13 - Campaign Screens 7

The multiplayer part of Lost Planet 3 will aim to keep the game rotating in many fans' consoles for a long time to come. I'm sure many of you would agree that the multiplayer battling on the previous title from the series, Lost Planet 2, was very interesting and quite the challenge. The competition was always filled with ridiculously skilled players and the Japanese always seemed to dominate (in the matches I played in at least). With the game moving to development over on the westside of the world, the multiplayer already looks to have undergone quite a few changes as you'll be able to see in these screens.

In these screens, entitled 'Akrid Survival', two teams square off against each other and fight for control over 'Control Zones'. The Akrid can also be seen causing problems too, as they try to attack the player and avoid being exterminated. No specific details have been released regarding the multiplayer modes and its features, but could we be seeing Akrid disturbances throughout the multiplayer wars as players are already fighting each other?

26/4/13 - Akrid Survival Screens 01

26/4/13 - Akrid Survival Screens 2

26/4/13 - Akrid Survival Screens 3

26/4/13 - Akrid Survival Screens 4

26/4/13 - Akrid Survival Screens 5

26/4/13 - Akrid Survival Screens 6

The last set of screens focus solely on 'Escort Mode'. The screens showcase one team escorting their 'Battlecat' as the other team does what they can to immobilize and then destroy the Battlecat. The escorting team can repair their Battlecat when they get the chance, but it's unclear if the Battlecat itself will be A.I. controlled or if it will even come with its own defensive weaponry. Check out these screens and let us know what you guys think:

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 01

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 2

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 3

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 4

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 5

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 6

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 7

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 8

26/04/13 - Scenario Screen 9

Lastly, we have the multiplayer trailer. Crammed with explosions, Akrid, all sorts of weaponry, a few different maps, unique characters, and different loadouts, check out the action as the battle rages on light years from Earth:

Lost Planet 3 is set for release on August 27th for North America, and August 30th Europe.
Ashley Woodcock
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