Lost Planet 3 Multiplayer Dev Diary

By Ashley Woodcock,
It was only a couple of days ago we got to take a nice long look at the multiplayer screens and trailer for Capcom's upcoming third-person shooter Lost Planet 3. A new trailer has been released with Capcom Unity's Gregaman sitting down with the game's producer Andrew Szymanski, to talk about the newly revealed multiplayer modes; Akrid Survival and Scenario Mode.

Within the trailer, we get to see more action from the two modes as players do battle to protect their 'Battlecat', as well as fending off against the Akrid and opposing players. The grapple hook is also a topic of conversation during the interview too. The grapple hook has been a significant feature of the series so far allowing players to reach high platforms, cover large gaps and distances quickly, and also help towards nailing a top position on the leaderboards in Lost Planet 2.

Many of you will remember that mastering the art of skipping the jump at the end of the grapple was a tough technique to master if players wanted to save the vital couple of seconds towards a top training time. If you watch carefully in the trailer, you can see that the grapple hook no longer has the jump included with the animation anymore.

Lost Planet 3 remains scheduled for release on August 27th for North America, and August 30th Europe.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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