Dead Island Devs Announce Hellraid

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Last August we brought you the news that Dead Island (Xbox 360) developer Techland was working on a new co-op hack-n-slash game with the working title Project Hell. The game would take the fighting mechanics of the Dead Island games and place them in a dark fantasy universe full of repulsive creatures and magic. With their zombie sequel, Dead Island Riptide (Xbox 360), now unleashed upon the world, Techland have now formally unveiled the game under the title Hellraid.

30/04/2013 - Logo

Like the Dead Island games, Hellraid will feature single player and co-op gameplay as up to four players can work together to take down the denizens of hell using a mix of melee, ranged and magical weapons with an intricate combat system. The game will also feature RPG elements such as looting, levelling, questing and crafting. It also uses a randomisation feature for loot, creatures and online challenges so each experience is different. As well as these details, Techland have also unveiled some atmospheric screens for the game and a selection of wallpapers which highlight a few of the creatures you'll be facing.

30/04/2013 - Minotaur

30/04/2013 - Necromancer

30/04/2013 - Blinded

30/04/2013 - Screen 1

30/04/2013 - Screen 2

30/04/2013 - Screen 3

Hellraid currently has no firm release date, but is due sometime this year.
Written by Chewie
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