Publisher Red Mile in financial trouble

By GameTagwastaken, 9 years ago
Multiple sources are reporting that following a split with Atari, Red Mile is facing dire financial circumstances. Transmission Games, developers of Heroes Over Europe are owed over $281,000 by Red Mile. The agreement with Atari was to co-publish the game, but when Atari ended the deal for undisclosed reasons, Red Mile was unable to continue to pay the developer. The company is said to have only enough reserves to reach the end of their fiscal year which concludes on March 31, 2009.

Heroes over Europe was slated for a spring 2009 release. Atari has a blank webpage for the game on their site. So the future for the game and eventual publisher is questionable.

Sin City: The Game was announced early last year and was originally being targeted for a Christmas 2009 release. The game was to be based on the graphic novels as the publisher did not secure rights to the movies. The new timeline, according to shacknews, is more like fiscal 2011.

We expect many more details to emerge over the next five weeks regarding Red Mile's financial situation and the publishing of its games.