Ashes Cricket 2013 Plays The Field Your Way

By DavieMarshall, 5 years ago
Anyone for cricket? There's some new info on upcoming today courtesy of the development team. The new Field Editor feature will overhaul the fielding system used in previous iterations of the title and allow the player to totally do away with the preset system. You'll be able to fiddle, twiddle and tweak to your heart's content.

Of the features discussed in the video (it's an audio track only oddly, so don't think your browser is broken) you'll hear more about the ability to adjust the field's mentality to reflect the bowler in play or your choice to attack/defend the game. The new more in depth approach will allow players to 'punish' fielders for dropping easy catches and rotate their players to attempt to address any issues of confidence or lackadaisical hand-eye-coordination.

If you're not completely comfortable with going totally advanced, however, the Field Editor will be compatible with a range of new preset fielding options. This will allow to you choose a preset option for a given scenario but make small changes and alterations to suit the situation.

If all talk and no play makes you dull, don't forget our pre-release game page has a teaser trailer and a video blog to get you started.

Ashes Cricket 2013 will release on June 21st.