Another Dossier File Opened for Scourge: Outbreak

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Tragnarion Studios has been keen to ensure that we know the members of Echo Squad inside-out by the time its XBLA shooter, Scourge: Outbreak hits the marketplace.

Shade and Stonewall have both already featured in their own, individual Dossier File videos in recent weeks. Now, Mass wades into the fold with all guns blazing to show us how he'll go about making those alien enemies wish they had never seen the light of day.

Mass has been fighting for most of his life and that shows no signs of changing any time soon, as the following information and media confirms.

Enlisted in British Army at 16 in 2017. Active duty from 2019 to 2023 serving in Chad and Sierra Leone. Passed SAS selection in 2023, then operated in Korean peninsula as well as other conflict zones. Participated in several aborted ops in North Korea which were canceled due to constant corporate interference. Left SAS in 2027 and turned to mercenary work, citing frustration about corporate influence of British military forces.

The dossier file on the final member of Echo Squad, Amp, remains strictly confidential at the present time. We'll reveal the details when they enter the public domain.

Scourge: Outbreak still lacks a specific release date, but we've been promised that the aliens will be "coming soon".
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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