Charlie Murder Details Stats and Loot

By Chewie,
Ska Studios, developers of the Dishwasher series, have revealed the loot and stats system that will be available in their upcoming XBLA, music-themed, side-scrolling, role-playing, beat-em-up, something-or-other, Charlie Murder.

Strength, Speed, Defense and Anar-chi are the core stats in the game and can all be increased through levelling, with each level granting five points to distribute to the stats as you see fit. As well as levelling, stats can be boosted through equipment that comes in the form of sweet threads (hats, shirts and gloves) and items known as relics. Only one of each clothing item can be worn at once, but multiple relics can be equipped, with the relic limit also being upgradeable. Whilst relics are unique and have fixed stats and abilities, stats generated by clothing items dropped scale according to level.

We also get a breakdown of what each type of item can do, including some (literal) screenshots.

07/05/13 - Loot 2

Hats such as the Doom Helm boost Anar-Chi and Defense and can grant abilities such as:
• Knockback: Send enemies flying when they're knocked down
• Cooldown: Improve the recharge rate for Anar-Chi
• Stun: The chance of randomly stunning an enemy, stopping them from moving or attacking, is increased
• Crit: The chance of performing a critical hit with the possibility of elemental damage is increased

07/05/13 - Loot 3

Shirts such as the White Collar improve Defense and grant passive abilities such as:
• Fire Resist: Flames won't hurt you as much and you may be able to immolate an attacker with a successful counter
• Block to Cooldown: Improve the recharge rate for Anar-Chi by blocking attacks
• Shockwave Falldown: Get knocked down? Send out an elemental shockwave
• Shockwave Counter: Successfully counter? Also send out an elemental shockwave!

07/05/13 - Loot 1

Gloves such as the Heavy Mitts boost Strength and Defence and can grant abilities such as:
• Fire: If your target has less than 25% health you can set them alight with a critical hit
• Frost: Freeze an enemy with a critical hit, slowing them down and giving the opportunity to shatter them
• Rapid Jabs: Double the amount of jabs performed but each jab does less damage
• Stasis: Air combo kicks can cause an enemy to be locked in mid air

07/05/13 - Loot 4

Relics such as the Haunted Tape give bonus abilities such as being able to add a little flame to your bullets, increasing movement speed, protection from specific enemy types and improving the likelihood of discovering more cool loot (maybe a devastating Sweater Vest or a brutal set of Sequinned Fingerless Gloves). Some relics have negative side effects but the fact you can stack all the effects of your equipment means you can easily outweigh the negatives with the positives. There are also some super-duper extra-powered secret relics out there to find.

Charlie Murder will be "ready when it's ready". You can't rush a good Murder. In the meantime, if you'd like to figure out just what this game is, then check out our previous coverage here, including a recent dev diary.

We've got the full list of Charlie Murder achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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