Beasts Battle in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Skin Packs to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition are like song packs to Rock Band. The chances are that they'll eventually stop but nobody knows when that will be. It certainly won't be in the immediate future as today sees the release of the eighth skin pack: "Battle & Beasts". The DLC brings 45 warrior and animal skins to players who have already grown bored of the other 274 DLC skins that have been released since the game's arrival a year ago. Here's a full list of the 45 characters:

• Enderman in a Suit
• Zombie in a Suit
• Cave Spider in a Suit
• Chicken in a Suit
• Zebra
• Panther
• Warthog
• Mandrill Baboon
• Meerkat
• Rhinoceros
• Hippopotamus
• Elephant
• Lion
• Aardvark
• Leopard
• Gnu
• Hyena
• Antelope
• Gorilla
• Bush Baby
• Crocodile
• Spartan
• Roman
• Norse Raider
• Medieval Knight
• Samurai Warrior
• Steppes Warrior
• Native American
• Cowboy
• Southern African Warrior
• Imperial British Soldier
• African Warrior
• Imperial French Soldier
• Female Spartan
• Female Roman
• Female Norse Raider
• Female Medieval Knight
• Female Samurai Warrior
• Female Steppes Warrior
• Female Native American
• Cowgirl
• Female Southern African Warrior
• Female Imperial British Soldier
• Female African Warrior
• Female Imperial French Soldier
Here is a preview of just some of the skins that are available. Some of the others can be seen here and here.

Battle & Beasts 1

Battle & Beasts 2

Battle & Beasts 3

Battle & Beasts 4

Battle & Beasts 5

Battle & Beasts 6

Battle & Beasts 7

"Battle & Beasts Skin Pack" costs 160 MSP and can be downloaded from here. A FREE trial can be downloaded from here and gives players full access to seven of the skins.

Tomorrow marks the game's first birthday. According to Major Nelson, a FREE "1st Birthday Skins Pack" will also be released tomorrow. We'll bring you more information as we get it!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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