GTA V Gets Even More Action-Packed

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Last month, Rockstar Games highlighted the trio of protagonists who will grace our consoles in its much-anticipated sandbox title, Grand Theft Auto V. The publisher/developer then followed up the cover art with a trailer and a set of screenshots showing Franklin, Michael and Trevor getting up to no good in the fictional city of Los Santos.

Now, another bunch of screenshots has surfaced showing the three main characters taking advantage of several different types of transport that are available to them. As you would expect, the vehicles are, yet again, being used for activities that the local law enforcement officers won't approve of.

GTA V_May 8th_1

GTA V_May 8th_2

GTA V_May 8th_3

GTA V_May 8th_4

GTA V_May 8th_5

GTA V_May 8th_6

GTA V_May 8th_7

GTA V_May 8th_8

GTA V_May 8th_9

GTA V_May 8th_10

GTA V_May 8th_11

GTA V_May 8th_12

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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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