Defiance Patched Up To 1.014

By DavieMarshall,
Good news for Defiance players today with the release of patch version 1.014 from Trion Worlds. Although patch 1.020 is 'coming soon' with details to follow imminently, the team are working hard to make any fixes they can server side for now to address some known issues.

Without delay, here are the official patch notes:

- Freight Yard is back... again.
- Svushinnira, “the rain of pollution”, grows ever more severe. Horribly mutated Hellbugs dot the Paradise landscape as the Hellbug mating season continues. Nano-effect imbued Hellbugs are now more common and many familiar encounters now carry a new and dangerous change. This includes more Electric and Syphon Monarchs and mutated Hellbugs now appearing at Parraba Ranch, Happy Pow, Bug Basin, Ridgecrest Mine, Big Stone Reach, and Diablo Station
- Completing Ranks of Echelon now gives you a second outfit to equip in competitive matches
- Some EGO rating 1900 to 2000 weapons were not getting their rarity bonus’s appropriately. This is now fixed
- Fixed a crash that could occur when resetting missions
- Fixed a crash associated with Dogtown Mine
- Removed some of the level up spam that happened upon load in
- Vehicles can now only be found as specials on vehicle vendors
- Vehicle special price has been increased
- Additional Challenger variants added
- Mine 99 rewards have been reduced
There was an incorrectly applied magazine mod adjustment that went live, but an additional pre-patch setting application has been rolled out and should be live with gamers by now. Stay tuned for 1.020 updates as we have them.

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