Magic: The Gathering - Expansion Pack 2

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Yesterday saw the release of the DLC pack, but it also saw a lot of problems appear. The new achievements didn't work, the game froze endlessly, the game moaned about fictional hard drive errors, etc, etc.

Lots of problems. While it's still not 100% fixed and perfect now, it does seem to be better, usable by most. Significantly, the achievements have now shown up on and the freezing issues seem to be sorted, for the most part at least. So I figured it'd be worth making a news post with the details about the DLC, and provide a centralised topic for you MTG fans to discuss the problems and help find any solutions that people need!

The game's developer, Wizards of the Coast, describe the new DLC:

Duel Magic's ancient vampire Sorin Markov with this brand-new downloadable content featuring:

• Three new playable decks, including Nicol Bolas's "Eons of Evil" Planeswalker deck
• Three new unlockable cards for each of the eight original decks plus the three decks from expansion 1
• Five new puzzling challenge levels
• Three new achievements
• Host migration for multiplayer
• Avatar awards

Players can also put their spell-slinging skills to the test to defeat the new single-player campaign and unlock Rhys the Redeemed's and Chandra Nalaar's new Planeswalker decks.
You get check the achievements by looking at the game's page, and the avatar awards available by clicking the link superceeding this colon:
External image

The DLC pack costs 400 MSP, and you can purchase it via the Marketplace link below. There is also a bunch of new decks you can download (for 80 MSP each), but there's too many to link here!

So what say you, Magic fans? Drop a comment here if the DLC is working for you now, or what problems you're encountering and hopefully someone will be able to offer some advice on how to sort it!
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