Doritos Crash Course Removed From Marketplace

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Update: Since the original writing of this article, the "City Lights" DLC has also been pulled from the marketplace.

Do you remember when Internet opinion stated that Doritos Crash Course was the lesser of the two games from that year's Doritos design-a-game compeition? Conventional wisdom was that Harms Way would be the better game. Well, with yesterday's release of Doritos Crash Course 2, we know which game truly won that particular Doritos-branded battle. Alas, Doritos Crash Course may have lost the war.

An eagle-eyed TA Community member pointed out to us that Doritos Crash Course has been pulled from the XBLA Marketplace. The DLC pack, City Lights, is still available for 160 MSP. The only possible explanation for the removal of Doritos Crash Course is that the sequel confronted its predecessor in a dark alleyway, chopped off the head of Doritos Crash Course and absorbed all of the accumulated knowledge and power.

Farewell Doritos Crash Course. May you continue to be comically hit against television screens in the great, digital beyond.

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Credit for this story goes to Eager Assassin