Deadpool Douses Us With Screens

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Deadpool has kindly dropped us off some new screens for his upcoming game, Deadpool (Xbox 360), which he has been developing along with the hostages folks at High Moon Studios. He also provided some illustrative quotes to go along with the images and a box of something that smells like I don't want to open it.

11/05/13 - Screen 1

That is a fact, not an exaggeration
11/05/13 - Screen 2

I totally got this
11/05/13 - Screen 3

My natural reaction when someone says 'look behind you'
11/05/13 - Screen 4

Shhh, I'm hunting morons
11/05/13 - Screen 5

Look ma! One hand!
As we discovered a few weeks ago, Deadpool will be beating you senseless on June 25th in North America. We still await confirmation of a release date for other territories.
But who cares about them, right?
Written by Chewie
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