George Lynch Joins BandFuse: Rock Legends

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Realta Entertainment, the development team that wants to teach you to play the guitar, has revealed today that George Lynch (who found fame with Dokken and Lynch Mob) will join the five-strong group of tutors who are set to grace our consoles when Bandfuse: Rock Legends finally releases.

The announcement was accompanied by a trailer featuring Lynch playing his instrument and discussing his input for the project.

Lynch appears to be very positive about his involvement in the game, as he had the following to say:
Passing on the guitar skills and knowledge I have learned over the years to guitarists and gamers is super rewarding... This is an amazingly fun way to learn how to play guitar and bass and a great alternative to traditional teaching. I am happy to help usher in a new era in music gaming.
As noted above, George Lynch has become the fifth legend to be confirmed as an in-game tutor following in the footsteps of his fellow rockers, Slash, Bootsy Collins, Zakk Wylde and Five Finger Death Punch.

The music genre comeback tour appears to have been delayed a little, given that the title was originally expected in 2012. You better have your guitar at the ready, as the game's official website still has the release window for BandFuse: Rock Legends slated as "early Spring 2013". Unfortunately, it sounds like a Fall release is more likely (as the video suggests), because the developer has confirmed that a demo will be available at this year's E3 event in mid-June.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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