XBLA Wednesday: May 15th, 2013

By Mark Delaney, 5 years ago
Surely all eyes are glued to the impending Xbox Reveal coming next week, but this week's arcade titles should turn a few heads of their own. One is a co-op FPS/tower defense hybrid, which sounds like a fun time-sink until the 21st. The other release is so off-the-grid, it has neither a TA page nor an Xbox.com page yet. They must be really good hunters. No one even saw it coming.

Sanctum 2
Developer: Coffee Stain Studios
Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
Price: 1200 MSP
Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the tower defense/first-person shooter hybrid Sanctum. Players take the role of an elite soldier whose mission is to protect the Cores from hordes of mysterious alien creatures while playing as one of four distinct classes, all with their own unique abilities. KEY FEATURES: • Tower Defense – Build mazes with towers to stop the enemies from destroying the Core. • First-Person Shooter – Don't just let the towers do everything, participate in the mayhem yourself. • Seamless Multiplayer - play up to four-player online co-op. • More than 15 maps to strategize and cause chaos. • Revamped weapons and towers from Sanctum that prove to be even Bigger, Badder, and Better on the battlefield.
Hunter's Trophy 2: America (with slightly different Australian version coming too)
Developer: Kylotonn
Publisher: Big Ben Interactive
Price: 800 MSP
GAMEExperience the true thrill of the hunt! More complete, fun and realistic than ever, the Hunting Challenge series has earned a reputation as the best hunting simulation for PC. Realistic animal behaviour, a variety of environments, weapons, animals, hunting plans, equipment and skills to unlock, online leaderboards, training in shooting at fixed and moving targets… all are brought together to offer a unique gaming experience which will delight experienced and novice hunters as well as players just looking to experience something new.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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