Disney Infinity Pirates of The Carribean Trailers

By Ashley Woodcock,
One trailer obviously wasn't enough to showcase the skills, style, and sea smoothness of the previously covered Pirates of the Caribbean characters who will be featured in Avalanche Software's upcoming Disney Infinity.

Three new trailers have been released with Davy Jones, Barbossa, and Captain Jack Sparrow all showcasing their fighting skills and moves as they aim to please the viewer in an attempt to spend the most time out of the toy box and taking part in upcoming player's adventures:

Davy Jones

The demon of the deep, Davy Jones is feared by all who sail the seven seas. Beware of the sword-fighting feats and writhing tentacles of the Pirates of the Caribbean villain.


He's a master swordsman and a powerful character to wield. Barbossa is the much-feared, mutinous ex-first-mate of Jack Sparrow and fun to play in Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Join Captain Jack Sparrow in an epic adventure of pirates, treasures and sea battles. Lead him on his merry and slightly unbalanced way across the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set. Savvy?

Disney Infinity remains set for release on August 18th for North America, and August 23rd for all other regions.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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