XBLA Wednesday: May 19th, 2010

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 8 years ago
Metal Slug XX - 1200 MSP
Breaking onto the scene is the new METAL SLUG XX™! Joining the fight are the familiar four warriors Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio, backed by two allies from The King of Fighters, Ralf and Clark. Adding to the seven multi-path stages, this ultimate 2-D action shooting masterpiece also includes elements such as Combat School, which is loaded with more than 70 missions.

Tons of gameplay: Multiple diverging paths appear in all seven stages, and more than 70 kinds of missions are available to play.
New Metal Slug: The game continues to maintain the beautiful graphics unique to the series, and possesses an impact even surpassing Metal Slug X.
Multiplayer: Play cooperatively with others who share your mission objectives online.

Aqua - 800MSP
Follow the story of captain Benjamin Grey and his trusted fellow engineer Polly Edison in Aqua, as they struggle to save the Aqua world from a treacherous conspiracy, pulling the strings behind a massive conflict of two rival naval empires. In this stylish naval action shooter with tactical elements, you must steer your ship into the middle of a raging naval war, where masses of enemies and allies engage in real-time operations over large, multi-screen maps, presented in a unique distinctive steampunk art style.

Destroy enemies on, above, and below the water surface, and unlock new ship types, weapons, and upgrades to enhance your ship as you progress through an entertaining story-driven campaign accompanied by beautiful hand-drawn comic sequences. Choose your tactics and form your own special squadron to support you in battle, issuing offensive and defensive orders to overcome the enemy and their defensive installations.

Classic shooter, unique environment: It's pick-up and play shooter gameplay with direct controls and easy to learn functions, coupled with a naval arcade steampunk presentation.
Ships, weapons, and customization: Three different player ship types each possess a distinctive super attack. Choose from many different weapons and customization upgrades for your ships, as you take on a large variety of enemy units, ships, submarines, airplanes, and huge steampunk-style biomechanical constructs.
Tactics: Command four different squad types as your support fleet, controlled through simple context-sensitive orders.
The open seas: Play on battle maps with large open areas and intelligent enemies providing a progressively growing choice of tactical options. There are six co-op and competitive maps to play with friends on a single console.

And this weeks Game Room additions are: Asteroids, Time Pilot, Demons to Diamonds, Grand Prix, Space Duel, Shark! Shark! and Stampede.