Monster Burner No Longer Free on Windows Phone

By litepink, 5 years ago
Monster Burner for Windows Phone was described in our TA review as a title that “offers a different twist on the puzzle genre of mobile games”. In another twist, Monster Burner is now a paid app that will cost you just under a dollar/pound to acquire. When it was released this past Wednesday the game was free of charge and supplemented with microtransactions that helped speed up your progress in the game. This price increase hasn’t altered the microtransaction implementation, as they are still present in the game.

Monster Burner (WP) - $0.99/£0.79

The move to make this a paid game will no doubt bring some resentment and sour feelings. Are these feelings justified maybe? There’s the business side of things to consider; perhaps microtransaction activity was slow in the ever important launch week and change was necessary. That is merely speculation of course, but regardless you have to wonder if this price hike is the right move. There’s very little risk in trying a free-to-play title (completion percentage aside), but now that Monster Burner has become a paid game it greatly reduces the potential user base, and in turn potential in-app purchases. Those who do pay for the game will now be less inclined to make such purchases since they’ve already spent money to acquire the title. Add the fact that the game still functions like a free-to-play title and was originally released under that assumption.

If the game is fun though a meager pittance shouldn’t sting too badly, right? You can decide for yourself by purchasing the game here. Oddly, there is no trial version available as of yet, although this is likely a symptom of the game once being free. Typically all Xbox games on Windows Phone have a trial version.
Credit for this story goes to T0rtureTactics