Regular Database Maintenance Jobs

By Rich Stone, 5 years ago
Hi everyone

As most of you know, the TA database is enormous. With the number of awesome gamers registered on TA, we have a lot of game and achievement data.

At the time of writing, we have over 408 million achievement records. That data has to be searched every time we show you your achievement lists in each game, and also whenever we recalculate the site's statistics.

To make that job faster, the data has some indexes on it. As more data is added, these indexes gradually get more fragmented and eventually become so broken that they are useless. That has a knock on effect - the site is slower to load, the scanners are slower to run, and the site recalculations take longer.

So we need to carry out some regular rebuilding of these indexes. Unfortunately, when we do this it's not advisable to put additional data into the tables that are being re-indexed. So, during this period, the scanners will be paused.

As I recently added some code to give you some feedback when you request a scan, you will now be able to see if they are paused when you do this, along with a link to a little more information,

The first maintenance period will be tomorrow (Thursday) at around this time (3pm BST). It may take a couple of hours, and during this time the scanners will be paused. The rest of the site should function as normal.

Hopefully, when the maintenance is finished, you should notice the site will be a bit faster.

I intend to make this a regular thing, so assuming all goes well tomorrow it will be on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

So, a little short term pain, but hopefully some long term gain!


Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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