BattleBlock Theater Gets an Update

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Nobody likes glitchy achievements, so many were disappointed to find that BattleBlock Theater contained an achievement that wasn't unlocking when players met the criteria needed. The Behemoth paid attention to the complaints and have finally released a title update that fixed the problem. From today, players will be able to unlock this achievement:

BattleBlock TheaterJail BreakerThe Jail Breaker achievement in BattleBlock Theater worth 18 pointsFree 50 prisoners in the Gift Shop.

If players have already freed 50 or more prisoners, the achievement will unlock when they next purchase a Prisoner from the gift shop. For those players who have already unlocked 100% of the prisoners, you will need to "trade away any single Prisoner and re-purchase it from the Chonku machines in the gift shop". The Behemoth would like to emphasise that players do not trade away any of the star special prisoners as these can not be re-purchased.

The update also means that the "Side netting in Ball Game is no longer viable."

Players will be prompted to download the update as soon as they next start up the game.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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