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By Chewie,
Way back in 1992, a game was released to Amiga and SNES by UK-based independent developer/publisher System 3, which featured a small, pliable, blue blob who was on a mission to return to his homeworld and take control back from an evil wizard called Dazzledaze. That game was known as Putty, or Super Putty in some countries, and featured numerous incongruous enemies across colourful levels, with wacky platforming action that utilised Putty's unique blob-based physics. The game was followed up in 1994 with Putty Squad on the SNES. The sequel was also developed for the Amiga, Mega Drive and PC, but never saw the light of day on these platforms, despite glowing reviews for an Amiga demo that was released. Since those heady Putty filled days of the 1990s, little has been heard of the stretchy blue blob and his antics; until now.

16/05/13 - Cover

System 3 (still going!) has now announced Putty Squad, an updated version of the classic platformer, will be making its way to the Xbox this Summer in celebration of the company's 30th anniversary. Mark Cale, CEO of System 3, had the following to share about the announcement:
Working on such a prestigious title again and to bring it up-to-date, brings back many great memories. Fans of the original are excited to get their hands on the return of the morphing blue blob hero
Accompanying the announcement is a trailer that playfully ribs at the game's troubled release history, as well as a selection of screens.

16/05/13 - Screen 1

16/05/13 - Screen 2

16/05/13 - Screen 3

16/05/13 - Screen 4

16/05/13 - Screen 5

16/05/13 - Screen 6

16/05/13 - Screen 7

16/05/13 - Screen 8

16/05/13 - Screen 9

16/05/13 - Screen 10

Also, please enjoy a gallery I like to call "The Various States of Putty", including classics such as "Putty Melts", "Putty Stretches" and "Putty Punches a Gun-Toting Carrot in the Face"

16/05/13 - Putty 1

16/05/13 - Putty 2

16/05/13 - Putty 3

16/05/13 - Putty 4

16/05/13 - Putty 9

16/05/13 - Putty 5

16/05/13 - Putty 6

16/05/13 - Putty 10

16/05/13 - Putty 7

16/05/13 - Putty 11

16/05/13 - Putty 8

Putty Squad will be stretching its way onto your consoles this Summer.

We've got the full list of Putty Squad achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Chewie
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