Development on 1666 Grinds to a Halt

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
The existence of the title only emerged during the financial reports linked to THQ's demise, but Patrice Désilets' original title 1666 is no more. Originally in development at THQ Montreal, the rights to the game were acquired by Ubisoft when they purchased the studio for $2.5 million during the first round of auctions in January. The move saw Désilets move back to Ubisoft after he left the company in 2010 to found THQ Montreal.

Unfortunately things didn't go too well. Earlier this week it emerged that Désilets had left Ubisoft. Now, during Ubisoft's year-end financial call, company CEO Yves Guillemot revealed the reason for the creator's departure and revealed the fate of one of the studio's games:

After more than two months of discussions with Patrice, we couldn’t align our visions both on the project development and team management, so consequently our collaboration has ended. We have suspended development on 1666 for an undisclosed period of time.
The studio's second project, Underdog, seemingly remains in development. Guillemot continued:

We continue to recruit in our different studios to create the products that we are finishing this year and the ones that we are coming for next year. We will continue to grow in the different big studios that we have around the world.
We'll bring you news on the latter title as we get it!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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