The Pre-owned Market Not Beneficial?!

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
Karl Stewart who is the global brand director at Crystal Dynamics, has become the latest person in the gaming industry to have his opinion on the pre-owned market made known. In an interview with CVG he said "I think the model as we see it right now is a frail one," and continued "Having the used market is not beneficial to any of us."

He said he thinks the industry will continue its trend of charging pre-owned game buyers by "Having DLC available when you buy the game and then adding a charge to the consumer who buys it second hand, I think that's just naturally the way it's going to have to go to deal with those kind of situations."

He concluded, "At the end of the day we take huge risks and we invest ten of millions of dollars in making a game and marketing a game and to think, stock turn wise, we could sell one but four people could play it, I just think that it's something that we have to manage very carefully.

This latest statement comes after the recent announcement from EA about their intended 'Online Pass' and after Blitz Games co-founder Andrew Oliver referred to them as a problem worse than piracy.

Crystal Dynamic's Lara Croft game, set for release later this year, is a download only. Fortunate for them, this at least will miss the pre-owned market out all together.