Two Resident Evil Revelations Videos Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
The two new trailers released for Capcom's upcoming survival horror title, Resident Evil Revelations, both focus on two very key elements of the title; mystery and close-ups. The fourth Dev Diary from capcom, entitled 'Mystery', sees members of the Capcom team speaking about the difference between horror and survival horror as the gameplay showcases why players can enjoy being constantly scared.

As many Resident Evil fans will know, the series has always come packed with tight walkways, hallways, and corridors. Within these tension-filled, monster-occupied areas of the titles comes many up close and personal meetings with the uglies of Resident Evil. A ton of ammo, and a hell-reigning explosive weapon would serve nicely in many of these close-call situatons, but sometimes, the ammo or weaponry isn't always available to aid the survivor in these situations. This is where evasive moves will serve well as the new trailer puts some of the main character's moves to test by toying with the zombies and ducking under their deadly melee attacks. Techniques for finding ammo and being successful in the upcoming Raid Mode are also detailed in the new trailer:

The demo for Resident Evil Revelations is available to download right here, right now. The full version of the game remains set for release on May 21st.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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