Achievement Preview Spotlight: Fuse

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
For years, Insomniac Games has had a reputation for quality on "the other console"; producing hits like the Ratchet & Clank series, the Spyro franchise, and the Resistance games. If you ask me, we Xbox gamers have been denied these simple pleasures for far too long! It's time we rise up. It's time we march. It's time we bring this raucous internet mob straight to their door! Who's with me!?


Fortunately for this angry mob (of one), the ire and angst can be put on hold, as next week we, the happy gamers of Microsoft, will finally get our hands on Insomniac's latest creation, Fuse. While we may need to wait a bit longer for our official review, we can take a look at the achievement list in this week's Achievement Preview Spotlight.


The quick look at Fuse's achievement list shows that we'll have eight achievements that appear to be story-based with one for beating the game on any difficulty level and one for beating it on "Lethal". There are also only four "Secret" achievements (cue the angels singing "Hallelujah"). Be sure to bring some friends to the party, though, as there are two achievements tied to getting through the campaign in co-op (one for getting through a single level and one for beating all levels). The rest of the achievements do have some high points that are worth an extra glance.

To kick things off, our first achievement requires the use of one of my favorite words.

We're Gonna Need a Mop in Fuse
Eviscerate 3 enemies at once using the MagShield.

While many words can truly cut to the core of their meanings, "eviscerate" is in a class all by itself. There have been other games that have given you the tools to disembowel enemies, but I'm looking forward to seeing exactly how a MagShield does it.

RPG elements continue to invade other genres (both for good and bad). I for one, LOVE a game with a good leveling system and as such, am excited to see where Fuse goes with it.

Perk-olated in Fuse
Purchase a single Team Perk.

This is merely the first perk-related achievement. You will also earn them for fully upgrading 1 perk, unlocking 16 perks, and fully upgrading 16 perks. I'm no expert, but by the time you hit "Valued Customer", I expect those perks will have made you into the finger of a your favorite war-bringing deity.

With four different characters (each with their own special weapons and abilities), Fuse is gunning for variety and replay value. Adding on to the aforementioned perk system, this next achievement will have you coming back for more.

Dalton 2.0 in Fuse
Dalton 2.061 (25)
Upgrade Dalton's entire skill tree.

Upgrading one character's skill tree shouldn't be too difficult, but there is achievement tied to each of the four members of Overstrike 9. Furthermore, there are achievements tied to getting each character to max level. Expect to set up some sessions.

The next achievement gets the "Jesse Ventura Award for Referential Excellence".

Ain't Got Time to Bleed in Fuse
Complete 12 waves on a single map with 2+ players.

Wave-based multiplayer is nothing new, but it is generally a satisfying diversion from your standard deathmatch. As someone who was incredibly addicted to "Firefight", "Horde", and Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, I'm hoping that Insomniac delivers the next great co-op mode with Echelon.

Let's sit down for some real talk, gamers; pull up a chair and a mug of cocoa. I had a wicked-hard time finding just ONE achievement that could end up being the ratio champion for Fuse. This game has some serious-looking pops. That being said, I'm taking a shot in the dark and giving this one the early lead in the clubhouse.

Ninja Style in Fuse
Stealth takedown 4 enemies at once in a four player co-op game.

This achievement looks like it's going to require perfect synchronicity between for co-op players at the same time. As someone who tries to honor the precision required of his German heritage, I can attest that this is going to be easier said than done.

But wait... there's more! If you don't think "Ninja Style" is going to be all that tough, we've also got your obligatory collectible achievement (The Inspector) and then kick things up a notch with these crazy pops: Let's Go Shopping (Spend 100,000 Fuse Credits), I'm Your Huckleberry (Kill 3 Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots using only your sidearm), That's a Lot of Dead Guys (Kill 2500 enemies in Campaign and Echelon), Overstrike Elite (Complete all missions on Lethal), and Echelon Agent (Get 5 Stars on all Echelon maps with 2+ players).

Tough talk aside, the achievement list in Fuse looks like it may take a while, but it's not cheap. You don't have a ridiculous "Seriously"-style achievement here, but you've got a few that will take some skill, friends, and time investment. There's a good balance of "gimmes" that will stay low on the ratio scale, some "gimmes" that will require co-op friends (which will be a bit higher), some solo skill achievements (higher still), and those golden unicorns that will require skill, friends, coordination, patience, and hyper-caffeinated beverages.

Fuse is set for a May 28th release in North America and a May 31st release in Europe. If you're itching to give it a try before you buy, you can pick up the demo here. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the front page for our official review!

If there's an upcoming game or DLC pack that you'd like to see featured in the Achievement Preview Spotlight, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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