Friend Feed Archive and Forum Restructure

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
I've added a new link to the bottom of your friend feed to allow you to see an archive of previous months.

Clicking the link will take you to a friend feed history page where you can choose the month from a dropdown in the header and see all friend feed items that were commented on, along with the comments themselves.

We're also in the process of restructuring the forums - they'd been in need of this for a while if I'm honest, so we've removed some of the less used forums, and made some new ones to help organize things a little better.

The main thing to note about this is that there is a new forum called Random Chat - any posts in this forum won't coun't towards your posting badge. This is to allow those more, shall we say, "spammy" threads to happilly continue for those that enjoy them, while those that don't cannot complain about people posting in them just to boost their post count.

The mods and I have been discussing this restructure for some time, and we think that they way we are doing it will benefit the whole community. We are currently in the process of shifting some threads around to hopefully make some things easier to find for everyone, so please bear with us during this time. Also note that nothing is being deleted, and any thread or board subscriptions you have will continue to work.

I also want to mention that our long-awaited Walkthroughs are now live for a few of our games. To get an idea of how they will look, please check out the guide to which can be found linked from the top right of the game page. If you would like to help us write walkthroughs, or give us feedback on walkthroughs in general then please do so in the new Walkthroughs Forum

Thanks all!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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