The New Xbox: Introducing The Xbox One [UPDATE]

By Mark Delaney, 5 years ago
Update: Of course, rumors are still swirling, so Microsoft has released a Q&A addressing some hot topics, including always on and used games. We strongly encourage you to head here and give it a read!

Edit: We now have the unveiling video for you; check it out below.

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Apologies to anyone who was dealing with real-world issues today, you missed a very revealing conference from Redmond, Washington. Microsoft spokespeople took the stage to officially unveil the next generation of console gaming, the Xbox One.

8GB of RAM, 500 GB HDD, USB 3.0, Blu Ray, Skype video conferencing, multiple apps running at once, it's getting hard to keep up with all the announcements as they pour through my television.

The controller has been adjusted to improve ergonomics but the button layout you're familiar with remains intact. New impulse triggers and an improved D-Pad as well as improved thumbsticks are all included too. Xbox LIVE is also being improved with 300K servers dedicated to online service.

Live television can now be accessed via the Xbox One too. No longer do you need to change the input on your television, just speak to it with one of several demonstrated voice commands and the Xbox One seamlessly switches to television, all the way down to the channel you request. "Live TV", "Game", "Skype", "Music", as the presenter cycled through all the commands, the Xbox One swiftly obeyed. The new 1080p Kinect also allows for voice recognition. Say "Xbox, on" and the console turns on and automatically logs you in to your profile.

We also saw the presenter watching Star Trek, where he then decided to watch a trailer for the sequel and even buy movie tickets all from the same screen. Then he switched to the new, revamped ESPN app, watched Miami Heat highlights, got real-time updates of his fantasy team, and Skype'd his friend to talk trash, again without switching screens.

The Xbox One will also offer an exclusive partnership with one of the biggest sports in the world, NFL football. They didn't announce whether full, live games could be watched, but they promised plenty of content from the National Football League exclusive to the new console.

The Xbox One also promises a reinvigorated commitment to new IPs and will feature 15 exclusives in the first year of the console's life, including eight brand new properties.

There's still plenty more information being unveiled and we'll have lots more to share with you on the front page, including specific game reveals. They also revealed the console will be out later this year and that we'll learn a lot more at E3. Keep it here on TA and follow the stream of reveals on Twitter with the hashtag #TAXboxReveal.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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