Call of Duty: Ghosts Revealed

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
What do we know so far regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts? Aside from it being the next annual instalment for the franchise, there really hasn't been much information divulged as of yet. That is until today at the Xbox One reveal where Activision and Infinity Ward dropped some very juicy details about all of the changes and additions for this new title.

During the presentation, Eric Hirshber, CEO of Activision Publishing, and Mark Rubin, CEO of Infinity Ward, opened up the blast doors to their secret underground lab and invited everyone to take a gander at the new Call of Duty: Ghosts. This new instalment does not feature Ghost or Soap, like many may have thought, but rather it will focus on a new storyline based around an elite team of US soliders.

The world as we all know it is in shambles; America has collapsed and, as the team of "Ghosts", you will battle through many environments surrounded by chaos and intense fire-fights. The game is looking to be far more immersive and story-driven as the Academy-Award writer of Traffic, Stephen Gaghan, is at the helm of this new epic story. They have also added an actual Seal Team-6 dog to your squadron, who has been fully motion captured and will become your best friend through your travels.

Before we continue, let's check out the behind-the-scenes footage from Infinity Ward:

A surprising, and confusing, portion of presentation was whether this new instalment will be exclusive to Xbox One. The game is being developed by an entirely new "next-gen" engine by Infinity Ward. They have stated that it will allow them to include multiple new features such as a more responsive character, who can now mantle, slide, and lean out of cover. This is not new by any means with regards to other FPS titles out there; however, it will pose as a new addition to the CoD series and supply the gamer with a more fast-paced, fluid and intense gameplay experience.

The new engine will also allow for more dynamic influence with regards to multiplayer and the maps. Gamers will now be able to use certain parts of the maps for sabotage, and an example of this is placing C4 on a pile of logs, blowing it up, and either closing off a portion of the map or crushing your opponents. The maps will also feature new environmental properties that will greatly effect the gameplay. From earthquakes to tornados or landslides, the new maps will generate a lot of things to look out for then just your runnin' and gunnin' enemies.

Another addition to multiplayer is the fully customisable character loadout. The new customisation will allow gamers to create their own multiplayer character from head-to-toe. Helmets, armour, facial features and so forth, will all be able to be customised as you, the gamer, sees fit.

Here is the full reveal trailer:

Furthermore, for another year running, all of the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer content will be available exclusive to Xbox LIVE first.

Call of Duty: Ghosts closed out the conference today, and we will learn more about what can be expected from the title at E3.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will release on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, November 5th, globally.