Ryse Makes the Jump to Xbox One

By litepink, 5 years ago
Originally teased at E3 2010 and finally unveiled for Xbox 360 at E3 2011, news for Crytek’s hack n’ slash Kinect endeavor Ryse has been all but non-existent since its announcement. The game was conspicuously missing from last year’s conference and quiet rumors pointed towards a move to next-gen and an enhanced version of Kinect.

Seems like these rumors have proven to be true, as a new official countdown site has appeared for Ryse, with the ending date just in time for this year’s E3. The words Filus Romae Venit is displayed boldly on the site, which can be roughly translated to “Son came to Rome”. The teaser site contains a few interesting little nuggets as well, including the fact that not only is the game coming exclusively to Xbox One, but that it features “controller based gameplay enhanced by Kinect.”


With the countdown leading to E3 it’s all but certain we’ll be hearing a lot more about Ryse in a few weeks time. A prominent set of roman numerals reading ‘MMXIII’ (2013) is featured in the center of the page, leading us to believe that Ryse will be arriving this year.