Scourge: Outbreak Release Date Announced

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
We've opened many dossier files for upcoming third-person shooter, Scourge: Outbreak. These files have introduced us to the members of Echo Squad, these being Shade, Stonewall, Mass, and Amp.

The Echo Squad will be on a mission to take down the Nogari Corporation, and "recover a mysterious meteorite fragment from Nogari's possession". Besides also being on a mission to rescue a double agent currently "hidden" behind enemy lines, the Echo Squad need to prevent a deadly plague being unleashed by Nogari that could bring sheer disaster to the world.

The game is set to feature heavy gunplay, a deep story, XP rewards and perks, and a huge detailed and vibrant world. Ake Mora Temnerud, Studio Director of Tragnarion Studios, is confident that new players will enjoy diving into a new fun to play to world:

Scourge: Outbreak looks better, plays better, and is far more fun than The Scourge Project ever was. It's a game that our small, humble team is immensely proud of, and we think that once players get into the game, they are really going to enjoy all of the newly-added content and features we've added.
We've already covered some of the key features to be seen in the upcoming shooter, but in case you've missed the previous story, check out the short list below:

• Up to 4-Player Co-op Campaign with 6+ hours of gameplay
• 4 Playable Characters, each with different weapon handling stats and a distinct combination of Special Abilities
• Unique character-specific flashbacks that reveal critical past events, and shed a new light on the game's story
• XP system to track your experience and unlock powerful gameplay rewards in Campaign AND Multiplayer
• Squad AI for groups with less than 4 Players
• Quick-Order-System (QOS) for rapid deployment of squad-members
• 9 Weapons, plus multiple variants of each to suit your style of play
• Up to 8 Players in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture-The-Flag multiplayer Versus modes in 5 action-packed maps!
• Leaderboards for competing with friends and other Players around the world!
• Challenging Achievements to unlock
Players can get to grips with Scourge: Outbreak when the game releases on XBLA on July 3rd, 2013.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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