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By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Fresh off a small part of the spotlight within the huge Xbox One Reveal a couple of days ago, EA Sports' upcoming title, Madden NFL 25, was confirmed to be making its way to both the Xbox One, and the Xbox 360. With that being said, it's time to dive deep into more details for the upcoming sports title, with the fresh reveal of the 'Owner Mode' within the Connected Franchise.

Kicking it off with the essentials, those interested in becoming an owner will need to choose which NFL team they'd like to own. Dependent on which team you choose, different challenges will be on offer. Will you take on the task of building a future for your franchise with a team full of young players? Are you more of a finance-driven type of owner who likes and understands the salary side of sports? Or, will you just be choosing your favourite team and just winning as many matches as possible? The choice will be all yours!

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Players, coaches, and cpu controlled players will all feel the effect of XP progression. The whole XP system will move things along faster this time around in Madden NFL 25, allowing owners to get their players and staff onto the field and contributing to the battle much sooner. Goals can be set to hit XP targets too, rewarding you with much more XP.

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Another thing to consider is whether you want to take on the persona of a real NFL owner or start fresh by inserting yourself as the new boss. It’s always fun to build up a team in your own image, but it’s also incredibly alluring to embody the larger-than-life personalities of guys like Jerry Jones or Jim Irsay.
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An owner has plenty of responsibility, and this includes the likes of the arena itself. Fans don't want to be watching NFL matches in a run-down, poor-looking arena! With the team's roster, players need training, looking after, and coaching. New talent needs to be found and recruited too, so with all of these tasks comes the aid of staff who can handle these departments for you. To begin with, though, it's up to you on who you want to handle these jobs for you.

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The fans will be a huge factor that will affect your decisions as an owner. Even though most fans will only be interested in the matches themselves, and whether their team wins or not, true fans will be paying detailed attention to what's going on behind the scenes and who's contributing most effectively to the team's success. The coach will be a member of the team who may be subject to frontline blasting if things start to go sour for the team's players. It's a very important job to find the right coach for your team. Of course, as the owner, you can hire and fire whoever you want. EA provides some tips if you do decide to switch your coach:

If you’re looking to make a change at head coach then there are several factors that will influence who’s willing to hear your pitch. Want to get Jimmy Johnson out of the broadcast booth and back onto the sideline? To pull it off, you’ll need a team that is both valuable and popular, with enough potential to make a run at the Super Bowl.
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Players will undoubtedly go through injuries throughout their career; this is where your trainers will play a key role as a part of your team. Trainers will help to get your team members back on the field as soon as possible, and the best trainers will drastically slim the chances of an injury re-occuring. This can be a huge factor for some players, as poor training could result in losing twice as much playing time from your injured players.

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Stadiums can really keep the money rolling in strong when handled the right way. The NFL is on the rise and with the sport getting much more popular, the stadiums have become bigger and better. Owners found lagging behind with upgrades and improvements to their arena will not be making as much money as they could be. NFL fans want an attractive stadium to visit and spend time and money in, so be sure to keep up with your payments! For future owners filled with confidence and already knowing that they'll have some serious money to spare, just be aware that all stadiums have a maximum upgrade capacity.

Should worst come to worst and you feel like you want to start from scratch, then you can do! It will be a very expensive option to take but so long as your ideas are solid, you can potentially make a great turn around with a brand-spanking new stadium.

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Another factor to take into consideration with owning teams and building arenas is knowing if the team is in the right place -- literally. Different cities equals different fans, dynamics, money, loyalty, attendance, and many other factors. It's never as simple as just wearing different colours and representing a new name. There'll even be other sports to contend with too dependent on which city you start in or move too.

If you go to LA, you’re heading into a situation where you can make a lot of money very quickly, but you’ve also got to compete with several other professional sports teams vying for cash and attention. Win early and often and you may be able to hold sway over the fanbase, but one or two losing seasons could lead to a drop in attendance that takes a long time to recover from. On the other hand, a city like Toronto is likely to be more loyal to the team, but won’t provide as much of a cash infusion. It’s a good city to build up a franchise, but can you make the money necessary to realize your grand visions for your team? These are all things to consider before you uproot a team and try your fortunes in a new location.
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Fans need beer and food at the games they watch. The price point here will be critical to your arena's success. Tickets, hot dogs, drinks and other purchasable items need to have the right price. As an owner, you'll need to find the right balance for your price-tags in order to keep the fans happy, but also keep your budget happy too.

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Never to be counted out of pretty much anything sports related, the media! Saying the right things in front of cameras is important as fans won't want to hear lies and promises that can't be kept. If you say to the media that you and your team can turn it all around in the next game, then make sure you do so, otherwise the fans will not be best pleased at all.

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Players can take part in the Connected Franchise mode as a regular player instead of an owner. With easy to use interfaces that aim to make navigation very easy, upgrading, checking out the latest news or jumping straight into a game can easily be done with the tile setup of the menu.

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As a player, trade options will be on offer for if you want to switch to another team. The menus stay easy to use and look at with general details for what's on offer from other teams and how they are doing statistically and financially.

On the topic of drafts and trades, Madden NFL 25 also features retuned logic for the draft, trades and free agency, which was another major topic of community discussion. The team has been able to account for fan feedback and adjust to ensure that all parties gain the greatest possible benefit from every transaction.
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Players will have the option to play as legendary players and coaches. Personally, I'm quite unfamiliar with the sport as a whole, so check out the details from EA regarding the "immortals" of the NFL:

This year, Randall Cunningham, Mike Ditka, William “Refrigerator” Perry and many more will be joining the ranks of the immortals. Cunningham was one of the first true running quarterbacks, a mantle he has passed down to the likes of Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III. Now fans can experience Cunningham’s blazing speed firsthand as an Eagle, Viking or on any other NFL team.

There’s a great deal of debate both within the EA SPORTS offices about whether Mike Ditka was a better player or coach, and Connected Franchise lets you decide for yourself. Madden NFL 25 includes both player and coach versions of Ditka, so you can have him lay the lumber on the field or demonstrate his prowess with a clipboard and a headset on the sidelines.

Also included this year is William “Refrigerator” Perry, a truly intimidating player. Football historians may know that not only did was The Fridge a fierce defensive end, but he actually also started his career at fullback. In Connected Franchise it’s up to you to decide if you want to utilize Perry’s brute strength coming out of the backfield or disrupting it.
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Last, but most certainly not least, the fans receive what they have "asked for", including "full 32-team control, new commissioner tools, and a league transaction log". On top of this, dedicated fans who also enjoy the NCAA Football franchise will be happy with the option to import their draft classes from NCAA Football 14 into Madden NFL 25.

Check out the freshly released trailer which takes EA's huge barrage of info regarding Owner Mode and the Connected Franchise, and wraps it all into just over a minute's worth of video goodness:

EA have only "scratched the surface" with the details for Madden NFL 25 so far, so be sure to keep locked onto TA for more news as it comes. The game itself is scheduled for release on August 27th.
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