Doritos Crash Course Game and DLC Available Again

By litepink,
We unexpectedly had to say farewell earlier this month to both Doritos Crash Course and its lone DLC offering, City Lights. There was no warning, announcement, or explanation whatsoever but one could assumed the arrival of the sequel Doritos Crash Course 2 played a role in it.

It's time to say hello now, as both Doritos Crash Course and "City Lights" are available once again. Just like its disappearance, its reappearance is a mystery. Instead of speculating and theorizing you can get start downloading! We're not sure if this availability is permanent, or a very temporary thing much like what happened with the original Pinball FX.

Doritos Crash Course is free, while "City Lights" and its additional achievements and gamerscore can be had for just 160 MSP

We've got the full list of Doritos Crash Course achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.