Backbreaker Demo Downloadable Now!

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Some of you may remember an article (Backbreaker Release Date Announced) on the forthcoming American Football title Backbreaker which was being developed by NaturalMotion Games in answer to the annual official franchise.

If you cast your minds back, you'll recall that the unique selling point of the game was the fact that it harnesses the power of the Euphoria game engine in a bid to bring about a natural flow and finesse to the movements featured in game. This same engine has appeared in a range of grade A titles, (such as GTA IV, but as covered in the initial article, this is the first implementation of the Euphoria engine in a sports environment.

But will it work? How does it feel? Can the game mount any competition to the long established official line of games? The blurb for the game seems to think so:

BACKBREAKER™ is a new, revolutionary football experience that takes you straight onto the field. Breakthrough euphoria tackles, non-canned animation, and stunning on-field graphics make BACKBREAKER™ the first truly live football game.
Find out for yourself by heading over the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and queuing up the download to your console via the link given at the bottom of this article.