Kinect Sports Gems: Boxing Fight Announced

By Keith Gray,
A total of nine mini-game spin-off titles, based on the various sports that feature in the Kinect Sports franchise, have been released in just over six months. Microsoft has confirmed today that a tenth mini-game is set to enter the ring, which is just as well as it's called Kinect Sports Gems: Boxing Fight.

Developed by Rare, like its predecessors, Kinect Sports Gems: Boxing Fight will see gamers punch their way through solo and multi-player "...micro goals and win badges in the all-new mission structure" this time around.

The seven screenshots that have been released alongside the announcement show that the new title really is a chip off the old block. Are you getting some serious Kinect Sports déjà vu moments too?








Microsoft has not yet confirmed a release date or pricing details for Kinect Sports Gems: Boxing Fight. It would be a safe bet to suggest that you'll have to part with 240 MSP though, with the likelihood of 50GS being on offer, based on the cost of each of the previous Gems.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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