Happy Wars Gets an Ilomilo Influence

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Title Update 6 has arrived for Happy Wars Achievements. The difference between this title update and the vast majority of other updates is that this one doesn't just add new gameplay features and bug fixes; this one adds eight new achievements worth 100G too.

31/5/13 New achievement

Although Microsoft Studios didn't go into specifics, the update will improve the matchmaking process for the game. There is also a new map: Deep Sea.

31/5/13 Deep Sea

The update has signified the start of the second Collaboration Campaign to take place in Happy Wars after the Castle Crashers campaign that took place last month. Starting yesterday and running until June 12th, the ilomilo Achievements Collaboration Campaign sees players take part in another Extreme Style Match, where the game has the same rules as normal but has a "wildly re-tuned game balance" to vary things. The balance settings are changed each week and the first week features the “Even-Steven Match” settings, where "all players fight on equal grounds". Players can earn up to four ilomilo equipment items during the Collaboration Campaign. Any player who has already unlocked an achievement from ilomilo will immediately unlock the ilomilo helm Pro.

31/5/13 ilomilo Signboard

Finally, the Dazzling Armor Set was added to the Item Shop. The set includes the Knight’s Armor, Priest’s Robes, and Wild Bunch Costume.

Title Update 6 is available now and you will be prompted to download it as soon as you start the game.
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