Green Day: Rock Band Demo Teases RB3 Info

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Today sees the release of a limited-time Green Day: Rock Band demo, offering full offline-band play - including three-part harmonies! - on two playable Green Day hits: “Welcome to Paradise” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

Okay, great for fans or people wanting to try the game before its worldwide June 8th release, but it's not all that interesting, huh? Not to take anything away from the game, and sure, check the external link below to download the demo for yourself, but here's what I'd say the really interesting news is:

The splash screen that pops up as you exit the demo teases the upcoming Rock Band 3, which you can see for yourself here (credit to
External image

Oh, that's what the "3" in the logo will look like. And looks like the guitar, bass and drums icons are the same as always. Ahh, the vocals icon has three microphones, confirming the previously-leaked three-part harmonies news. But wait... what's that?! That fifth icon clearly shows piano keys!

Yep, that's a surprising but undeniable tease for a possible keyboard peripheral in Rock Band 3! Incredibly exciting news, with masses of potential, in my opinion!

But what do you guys think?

Anyway, back to the demo for GD:RB - check the external link below to download it via the Marketplace. The demo is currently exclusive for Xbox Live Gold members and bizarrely expires on July 13th.
Credit for this story goes to GameTagwastaken