Project Ravensdale Revealed

By Michelle Balsan, 5 years ago
With Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams having successfully made its way to XBLA, the folks at Black Forest Games have set to work on their next project. Though they'd been kicking around the idea of a steampunk action-RPG a while, the developer was met with a collective "won't publish that" when they shopped the game around. Black Forest has narrowed their focus on their upcoming venture, titled Project Ravensdale, and are gearing up to present the title in the near future.

Ravensdale 1

According to Black Forest's blog on the project, the game seeks to present an in-depth co-op experience. They had toyed with the idea of adding co-operative gameplay to Giana Sisters, but the game's twisting mechanic proved to be too difficult to work around. Ravensdale promises to "push the envelope on co-op gameplay, focusing on that aspect like barely any game has ever done before."

Ravensdale 2

Ravensdale 3

At this time, very little else is known about the game, including what platforms it will eventually land on. Black Forest Games does promise the more updates about Project Ravensdale will be posted on their website, and we'll be sure to bring that information to you as it is released.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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