The Plague Infests Defiance

By litepink, 5 years ago
The worlds of the game Defiance and the SyFy television series of the same name are about to converge with the 'Plague' crossover event going on right now. The open world game has received an update to provide the TV tie-in event.

San Francisco has been infected by a deadly virus, and it is up to the players of Defiance to find some answers. Infected enemies will challenge you along the way in the new missions, a new game mode dubbed The Plague Sieges, pursuits, emergencies, and a new data recorder.

If the Plague was icing on the cake, then the 1.201 patch are the sprinkles. Here are the notes from the patch that will go live tomorrow, June 5th:

Patch 1.021 - Patch Notes
We are happy to announce the first minor patch post 1.020. We will continue to provide smaller updates and hot-fix issues that can be addressed server side only.

DEFIANCE Patch 1.021
- Reduces game server crashes
- Fixed a client crash caused by keybinding in character select Settings.
- Fixed a Plague event Emergency where not all of the assets were spawning correctly.
- Fix for Perks not remaining in their proper slot after loading.
- Data recorder associated with the Svushinnira event Vagabond mission now able to be grabbed by all members in a group.
- Salvage Crew Emergency now has a completion message.
- There was an invisible shotgun wielding mutant roaming around the world - he is now visible.
- One of the Mutant Rifleman was not always attacking players properly. He is smarter now.
- The Alamo in San Francisco had some periodic issues with Dark Matter guys popping in and out which is now fixed.
- Reduced the difficulty of the Matron in Island of Lost Soldiers for groups.
- Contracts page will no longer get locked after completing all daily and weekly Contracts.
- Fixed a case where you could get instant shield regeneration.
- Addressed a synchronization issue that caused people to see a couple of extra seconds added to their race time.
- Mastery effects that were increasing the duration of EGO powers were causing an issue that would let you have essentially unlimited duration on their powers. These Mastery effects have been changed to reduce the cooldown on Powers when performing a full reload with the weapon to correct this issue.
- Fixed a situation where a few weapons would not get XP when used. This included the VOT Mass Cannon, VBI Guided Launcher, and the Hydra Launcher.
3/6/13 Plague Update 1

3/6/13 Plague Update 2

3/6/13 Plague Update 3

3/6/13 Plague Update 4

3/6/13 Plague Update 5

3/6/13 Plague Update 6

The special mission series runs between June 10th and the 17th, leading up the the plague inspired episode of Defiance on Syfy June 17th. The Plague Sieges game mode and other additions in the update are available now.

Thank you to the community members who sent this our way.