Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Unveiled

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
Konami have officially announced Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which was teased to us only last week via a trailer. This new entry in the series is coming to the Xbox 360 and will be the first to use the new Fox Engine, the engine developed by Kojima Productions. PES Productions claim that using this new engine will allow the game to have 'improved graphics and seamless animation' and will remove the limitations previous games suffered from. PES Productions have also identified six key 'pillars' that they hope will make PES 2014 the new benchmark when it comes to football simulations: TrueBall Tech, Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.), Heart, PES ID, Team Play and The Core.

TrueBall Tech will give players more control over what they can do with the ball, whilst M.A.S.S. will allow for more life-like tackles and collisions between players. In combination, this means that a collision between players for the ball will result in the ball bobbling as expected into space or to the feet of the victorious player. The PES ID system will also return, with the number of players whose running and playing style has been recreated for the game doubling from PES 2013's 50 players.

The 'heart' of the game has also been improved thanks to more realistic crowds and player mental attributes, with fans now chanting not just the team but also individual players. Players who are having a bad match can be rallied by their teammates and one moment of brilliance can lift the entire team. The improvement in team play meanwhile will allow for tactical maneuvers using three or more players, allowing users to plan out how to exploit the defensive weaknesses of the other team.

Finally, 'the core' of the game has been improved thanks to more accurate kits, stadiums and facial animations, more fluid transitions between player animations and the removal of cut scenes after certain events. Free kicks and penalties have also been changed, with control over free kicks increased and the difficulty of scoring a penalty now depending on the skill of the player taking it.

Screenshots have also been released, showing off what we can expect from this latest entry in the PES series:

PES Unveil 1

PES Unveil 2

PES Unveil 3

PES Unveil 4

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is set to release on the Xbox 360 sometime later this year.
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