Disney & Harmonix Announce Fantasia: Music Evolved

By Chewie, 5 years ago
When Harmonix announced that they would no longer be producing DLC for the Rock Band games in April, speculation ran rife as to what this would mean for the future of the musical developer. Well, now we have our answer. Revealed through a Facebook page and accompanying trailer, Harmonix has now announced a new music-themed Kinect title in collaboration with Disney for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One: Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Inspired by Disney's classic 1940 film, Fantasia, the game will allow players to enter the magical world of the title to become sorcerer Yen Sid's new apprentice (because things turned out so well for Mickey...). In this world, music and magic combine to allow players to creatively transform and interact with the various different areas and the music itself. Players can live remix the songs and add magical manipulators to transform them into their own twisted audio vision.

Whilst the Fantasia films tended to feature classical pieces, in Fantasia: Music Evolved players will be able to use the Kinect motion control technology to control the beat and flow of much more modern music, including over 25 tracks such as:

· AVICII – “Levels”
· Bruno Mars – “Locked Out Of Heaven”
· Fun. – “Some Nights”
· Kimbra – “Settle Down”
· Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

A selection of screenshots has also been revealed, showcasing a variety of different stages and colourful gameplay.

05/06/2013 - Screen 12

05/06/2013 - Screen 7

05/06/2013 - Screen 6

05/06/2013 - Screen 5

05/06/2013 - Screen 13

05/06/2013 - Screen 11

05/06/2013 - Screen 9

05/06/2013 - Screen 8

05/06/2013 - Screen 1

05/06/2013 - Screen 2

05/06/2013 - Screen 3

05/06/2013 - Screen 4

05/06/2013 - Screen 10

Fantasia: Music Evolved is due in 2014 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Thanks to all the TA's apprentices who brought this to our attention. Now go and mop the floor, and don't try using any funky musical magic spells to help you!
Written by Chewie
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