MURDERED: Soul Suspect Trailer Shows Your Death

By Dog of Thunder, 5 years ago
Murdered: Soul Suspect has a very unique premise, which has been teased in the past. The hardest case to solve is your own murder, and in today's trailer, we bear witness to Ronan O'Connor being, well, murdered in the streets of Salem, Massachusetts.

The murder only starts the adventure, as using his spirit-powers, Ronan must try and solve the mystery of his own death. Unable to interact with the detectives on the case, Ronan can only try and influence their actions. Additional information can also be gained by talking to the spirits of past Salem residents and there is the small matter of demonic forces trying to claim his soul.

Can you free Ronan from limbo and bring his killer to justice? Can you wait to play Murdered: Soul Suspect sometime in early 2014? The wait is going to be a killer.

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