Red Dead Redux!

By splicegraph,
Rockstar's hugely popular release Red Dead Redemption is getting the short film treatment and will air on Fox this coming Saturday, May 29th, at midnight Eastern and Pacific time.

The Machinima will tell the story of RDR's main character, John Marston, as re-imagined by director John Hillcoat and told using in-game assets and unique editing. Rockstar warns that the short will contain spoilers and suggests that you make your way to Mexico in the story line before watching it. They have also stated that an internet release of the short will soon follow, so there is no immediate pressure to do so.

Director John Hillcoat, being no stranger to themes of the wild west and lone wandering, having directed The Proposition (2005) written by Nick Cave and staring Guy Pearce, is a dark and gritty masterpiece in the western genre set in late 19th century Australia and his latest film, The Road (2009) with Viggo Mortensen, based on the book of the same name written by Cormac McCarthy about a man and his son trying to survive the post-apocalyptic wastes of North America. Both of which are great films, imho, and bodes well for the quality of the RDR short.

I'm personally stoked about this, not that I'm expecting some great masterpiece of film making, but this does go some distance toward exhibiting the creativity that goes into video games and the the potential creative inspiration they posses. Particularly because this is machinima and not with live actors. A lot of what is used to make films like this and others like Red vs. Blue can be easily obtained by the general public.

A Short Film: Made From Red Dead Redemption
On Fox, Saturday night, May 29th at Midnight Eastern and Pacific (check local listings)

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