FIFA 14 Details Shoot In

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
EA Sports have today detailed 'Precision Movement', a new feature to FIFA 14 that they hope will recreate the dynamic movement of real-life players. This new technology has been developed over the last two years, and now means that every step counts for all 22 players on the pitch as they pivot, shift momentum and accelerate as you'd expect them to, making momentum a much greater factor than before.

Players will now have bursts of acceleration before reaching their top speed. This greater variety of speed could allow for a player to control their pace when they are reaching a defender, only to accelerate away when they get to them. Players can also now move in any direction rather than the limiting 23 degrees of previous FIFA games, but will need to take additional steps to turn further.

EA have also released some screenshots and a gameplay trailer, showing off some of what we can expect from this latest installment in the FIFA franchise:

6/6 1

6/6 2

6/6 3

6/6 4

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6/6 6

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6/6 8

FIFA 14 is set to be passed into European stores September 27th, with the release dates for other regions yet to be confirmed.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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