LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Asgard Screenshots

By Ellis Spice,
With E3 approaching, a Hulk's weight of new details about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes are set to be released. Before that however, Traveller's Tales' have released some screens of Asgard, where Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and The Human Torch will face off against The Destroyer, an armoured weapon controlled by Thor's arch-enemy, Loki:

Asgard 1

Asgard 2

Asgard 3

Asgard 4

Asgard 5

Asgard 6

Asgard 7

Asgard 8

Asgard 9

Asgard 10

Asgard 11

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set to fly into stores this Fall.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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